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Darling Doll

IMG_5129 (2)“Darling Doll” is the name of this pattern for a knitted doll. If she could stand, she’d be 17 inches tall. She will soon be “adopted” by a little girl whose grandmother chose the colors for her hair and jumper.


Forest green cap with an unusual pattern

This cap was rather challenging because of the intricate pattern, but I like the finished product. Click on the photo for a close-up of the pattern.

My fifth prayer shawl

This is my fifth prayer shawl for my church’s new ministry.
Prayer shawls are rather large projects but good for cold winter evenings. I don’t know whether I’ll want to knit them when the weather gets warmer.
But, who knows? I knit year round.IMG_3426IMG_3427

Sock it to me!


I think I’ve worn my warm hand-knitted socks for the last time this spring. Before putting them away until fall, I wanted to show that I can wear a different pair every day for two weeks–actually longer, because I have a few older pairs that aren’t pictured.

The self-striping sock yarns are fun to knit, but I also like the solid colors.