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Playing with colors

To keep my yarn stash manageable, sometimes I must look through the boxes and pick out small amounts of yarn and knit them into hats. It’s rather fun, actually, finding colors that go together. Here are five recent projects.IMG_4944


Confession time

It’s time for me to ‘fess up and say that I’m the lady who has cancer. Since posting photos of the three cancer caps, I have had 12 weeks of chemotherapy and will soon start radiation.

I asked two cancer doctors whether I’d lose my hair, and both said “yes,” not “maybe.” But I still have much of my hair–too much to shave off! So, I haven’t worn the cancer caps or any of my nice scarves.

I spent my summer going to doctors, having treatments, and knitting. I made an apricot-colored sweater with some old wool yarn; I’ll wear it around the house this winter. I made six “Texas” dish cloths for friends and neighbors who helped me after my surgery, items for my two charity projects, and other miscellaneous things. This was truly therapy knitting.

This photo shows the items for one of my charity projects. These 14 caps, mostly made with small amounts of leftover yarn, will be Christmas gifts for the residents of subsidized housing: ten men and four women. They have rather low-paying jobs and can’t afford cars, so they must walk to and from the bus stop and the places where they work. I wanted to brighten their lives a little and help them to stay warm this winter.


Charity knitting


This year, I’m knitting for two charities, so I have to get an early start. I need to send one batch of items to Illinois before the weather gets too cold. The others will be given as Christmas gifts here in Texas.
This photo shows some of my finished caps. Some are made from small amounts of leftover yarn. I’ve also made several scarves and pairs of mittens.

My fifth prayer shawl

This is my fifth prayer shawl for my church’s new ministry.
Prayer shawls are rather large projects but good for cold winter evenings. I don’t know whether I’ll want to knit them when the weather gets warmer.
But, who knows? I knit year round.IMG_3426IMG_3427

My second prayer shawl


This prayer shawl is folded in half for the photo. I’m working on my third one, in dark green. There is much opportunity to be creative when making prayer shawls.

What I do with leftover yarn


When I have small amounts of leftover yarn, I choose several colors of a similar type and knit striped caps.
These caps (and more, since I have plenty of leftover yarn) will be donated to a battered women’s shelter in Illinois. There is more need for warm winter items in Illinois than where I live in Texas. My high-school friend Helen volunteers at this shelter and got me started doing this several years ago. Every fall, I send her a box for the women and children in the shelter.