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Darling Doll

IMG_5129 (2)“Darling Doll” is the name of this pattern for a knitted doll. If she could stand, she’d be 17 inches tall. She will soon be “adopted” by a little girl whose grandmother chose the colors for her hair and jumper.


My first bazaar

Even though last Saturday was a rainy day that kept some people away, I was pleased with the success of my first bazaar. I recouped my investment and made enough to register for next year’s bazaar, and also made a profit! I even have a special order for a pair of men’s gloves.

The photos show my table, a closeup of the rack that my husband made to hang the baby sweaters on, and a polar bear wearing a red scarf.

IMG_4628 (2)IMG_4631IMG_4621

Meet Teddy’s cousin

Teddy just learned that he has a cousin, and the two instantly became friends.


This is Teddy. He’s a tiny bear; his sitting height is 7 inches, and his standing height is 10 inches. He even has his own little red sweater. The tan and red yarns and the stuffing are completely washable.