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A tale of three socks

IMG_4692 (2)
When I make socks with self-striping yarn, I have always made the two socks to match. With my skein of Cascade Yarns’ “Heritage Prints,” I thought that it might be different (or fun) not to have them match. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the result. However, there was enough yarn in this 100-gram skein to make a third sock, which I knit to match one of the others. So what did I do with the extra sock? I gave it to a friend who has only one leg.


Warm socks for a cold day

I just finished these socks yesterday, and today is perfect for wearing them–it’s cold and windy.
It can be tricky to make two socks that look like a pair with self-striping yarn, but I got them right.

Sock it to me!


I think I’ve worn my warm hand-knitted socks for the last time this spring. Before putting them away until fall, I wanted to show that I can wear a different pair every day for two weeks–actually longer, because I have a few older pairs that aren’t pictured.

The self-striping sock yarns are fun to knit, but I also like the solid colors.