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Infinity scarf

This infinity scarf is a special order for a customer who wanted this color to match her coat.

Because the scarf pattern has right and wrong sides, I did not twist it when connecting the ends. Instead of sewing the ends together, I crocheted them. You can see the neat ridge of single crochet on the wrong side, but the joint is invisible on the right side. This was an improvement over sewing the seam.


My first bazaar

Even though last Saturday was a rainy day that kept some people away, I was pleased with the success of my first bazaar. I recouped my investment and made enough to register for next year’s bazaar, and also made a profit! I even have a special order for a pair of men’s gloves.

The photos show my table, a closeup of the rack that my husband made to hang the baby sweaters on, and a polar bear wearing a red scarf.

IMG_4628 (2)IMG_4631IMG_4621

Light as a feather scarf

IMG_3594IMG_3592 (2)
This 63-inch long scarf weighs about as much as a feather. It’s knit with a mohair-blend lace yarn in shades of blue and white, so it’s intended as a year-round decorative accessory.
As are most items on my blog, this one is for sale at $20.

Long, skinny scarf


I wanted to make a scarf that is drapable and can be tied without too much bulk. This mesh pattern turned out to be perfect with thin yarn and rather large needles. The yarn is sort of variegated, with several shades of blue.

Scarf time

On a recent car trip, I thought that the best use of my riding time would be to make scarves. I made two with an interesting yarn. One is off-white, and the other is beige. Both have little flecks of various colors.

It was a fun trip, and the scarves were fun knitting–and just in time for cold weather.



Whew! Back from vacation


Would I go on vacation without my knitting? Never!

I made a scarf in sunrise colors (pink, orange, aqua, lavender), with a slanted rib pattern. It is reversible and 62 inches long.

I also made a pair of socks for my husband and started a sweater for myself.

Another reversible scarf

Here is another way to make a scarf reversible. One side is a mirror image of the other side. It is 60 inches long, knitted in a diamond pattern with a soft sport-weight yarn.
Note that the cabled scarf shown in a previous post has a slightly different pattern on each side.

Reversible cable scarf


This scarf is reversible because it has two cables on one side and three on the other side. The five cables make the fabric dense and warm.
A reversible scarf solves the problem of having the wrong side showing when it is looped around the neck. Even though the two sides are slightly different, both are attractive.
It measures 34 by 6 inches.