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Red prayer shawl

This is the third pattern that I have developed for prayer shawls for my church. The photo shows the cabled edges and the large center cable.

I’m going to take a break from knitting these for a while.


My fifth prayer shawl

This is my fifth prayer shawl for my church’s new ministry.
Prayer shawls are rather large projects but good for cold winter evenings. I don’t know whether I’ll want to knit them when the weather gets warmer.
But, who knows? I knit year round.IMG_3426IMG_3427

My second prayer shawl


This prayer shawl is folded in half for the photo. I’m working on my third one, in dark green. There is much opportunity to be creative when making prayer shawls.

Prayer shawl

My church recently decided to start a prayer shawl ministry. I stepped up to knit the first one; it is about 60 inches long.

With this coral pink color, I had a woman in mind to receive it.IMG_3191