Confession time

It’s time for me to ‘fess up and say that I’m the lady who has cancer. Since posting photos of the three cancer caps, I have had 12 weeks of chemotherapy and will soon start radiation.

I asked two cancer doctors whether I’d lose my hair, and both said “yes,” not “maybe.” But I still have much of my hair–too much to shave off! So, I haven’t worn the cancer caps or any of my nice scarves.

I spent my summer going to doctors, having treatments, and knitting. I made an apricot-colored sweater with some old wool yarn; I’ll wear it around the house this winter. I made six “Texas” dish cloths for friends and neighbors who helped me after my surgery, items for my two charity projects, and other miscellaneous things. This was truly therapy knitting.

This photo shows the items for one of my charity projects. These 14 caps, mostly made with small amounts of leftover yarn, will be Christmas gifts for the residents of subsidized housing: ten men and four women. They have rather low-paying jobs and can’t afford cars, so they must walk to and from the bus stop and the places where they work. I wanted to brighten their lives a little and help them to stay warm this winter.



8 responses to “Confession time

  1. Oh no. I hope that you are feeling better. Sounds like you sure kept yourself busy.

  2. I’m glad you have been able to enjoy your knitting even when you aren’t feeling your best. Those pretty hats are sure to be appreciated by those who are lucky enough to get one. I’ve been thinking a lot about you and praying you continue to get through your treatments. Hope to see you on Sunday morning. =)

  3. I hope so much that the treatment works… and that the knitting gives you real distraction from worrying about it.

    • Yes, the treatment seems to be working, and I’ll be glad when it’s behind me. Knitting certainly has been therapeutic.

      I love your blog. You do beautiful work, and it’s so interesting to see your outdoor photos, too–such a different place from Texas!

  4. Very glad that the treatment appears to be working. Thank goodness you have knitting to maintain your sanity.

    And thank you for your kind words. Like you, I love reading about, and seeing, the different landscapes and seasons on other people’s blogs. And of course I love to see others’ beautiful knits. Your lacy chemo hats have been beautiful. I’m just sad to read that it’s you who has cancer.

  5. The caps are beautiful! I’ll pray for your cancer!

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