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This is Teddy. He’s a tiny bear; his sitting height is 7 inches, and his standing height is 10 inches. He even has his own little red sweater. The tan and red yarns and the stuffing are completely washable.





I had two skeins of Lion Brand’s “Amazing” yarn (same color, Regatta, and same dye lot).
With the first one, I made the beret for my post of February 20, 2014 (below).
The second skein started at a different place in the sequence of colors, so I made the same beret pattern again, to see how it would turn out.
I’m amazed at how different it is, but it is actually brighter than the photos show it. Top photo, under side; bottom photo, top side.

Light as a feather scarf

IMG_3594IMG_3592 (2)
This 63-inch long scarf weighs about as much as a feather. It’s knit with a mohair-blend lace yarn in shades of blue and white, so it’s intended as a year-round decorative accessory.
As are most items on my blog, this one is for sale at $20.